Anything wrong with my argumentation?

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Re: Anything wrong with my argumentation?

For candid and environmental portraits I'm happy with M4/3, do not need extreme background blur. "Entry" prices for M4/3 easily undercut Canon and Fuji.

Fuji's strength, for their lens line, is more with primes than zooms.

I agree that the adapter for fitting EF lenses to the EOS M makes Canon a good deal where you want a big variety of lenses. Although M4/3 is hardly shabby for native mount lenses.

As a street shooter I'm a bit miffed that the Canon M5 lacks a quiet shutter mode. This feature is now common on mirrorless for all other brands. The e-shutter on a Fuji is darn near silent.

The Fuji lenses you mention are without any doubt better that their Canon counterparts. I guess the build is better (I haven't hold all of them), as are the coatings and other details. IQ is definitely superior.

I would stand that on its head.  When I have tried Fujinons it's the build quality that really impresses me.  Not that the IQ is shabby, far from it!!!  But I think some fan boys over stress this, at least compared to M4/3 IQ.

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