Anything wrong with my argumentation?

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Doux Vide
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Re: Anything wrong with my argumentation?

First of all I'd say that you are buying a lot of lenses and I bet that you won't use half of them.

But, well, let's assume you really need those.
The Fuji lenses you mention are without any doubt better that their Canon counterparts. I guess the build is better (I haven't hold all of them), as are the coatings and other details. IQ is definitely superior.

Now is the IQ difference worth twice as much?

Only you can tell. If you hesitate, than the answer is probably no.

Then a few words about the Fuji vs Canon sensor. Yes Fuji's sensor is superior, it handles high ISO better and has maybe a little more DR. But overall the differences aren't very important, it's unlikely you would notice them unless you shoot the same thing side by side. On the other hand, there are 2 points, that I think are more important, in favor of the M5:
1) Canon AF is faster than Fuji, especially in low light and when shooting video
2) Canon RAW files can be easily edited with any RAW processing software, while only a handful can handle Fuji's RAWs (and even less do that well). That said, if you only shoot jpeg, that last point is irrelevant (I personally like both Canon and Fuji jpegs but still prefer to shoot RAW)

So in the end, considering your requirements and hesitations, I would tend to push toward Canon. That doesn't mean that Fuji is bad or overpriced, it's just not what you need.

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