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Re: I want one but...

wy2lam wrote:


About the idea that's shared by most who wanted a "no-video" camera hoping that it would result in a lower price - I find this idea delusional and unrealistic, because they did not realise that improvements that underlying good video deliveries also contribute to a better still-only experience - to a point that if all the tech goes into a camera to improve still only, video would become an almost zero cost addition.

So am quite glad you're not one of them

Touraine wrote:

wy2lam wrote:

Would you still buy it if there's Zero reduction in price but #1 to #6 are all fulfilled (well, and #7 too even though you aren't sure how it works but want it because "it sounds good") ?

Touraine wrote:

I want one but I don't want..

1) A flippy screen...its for kids.

2) 4k-5k +++++ video....its for kids

3) Pop up flash....its for kids

4) No bluetooth or WIFI nonsense....its for kids

But I would like...

5) weather sealed...that would be great

6) Simple menu.....that would be appreciated

7) focusing joystick...not sure how that works but it sounds good.

Omit this rubbish keep life simple and reduce the price and I am happy.

Yes I would (probably more to be fair)....but I would hope it would be cheaper.

I don't care if it is a zero cost addition. I don't want it on my camera like with the rest of the latest crâp. Like I said later in the thread, I will pay more for it not to be there because it is clogging up the already complicated menu system and dials.

Get rid of flippy screens, video and other pointless rubbish.. It is only there so that the dippy Dp reviewers can differentiate cameras. This camera only gets 79 % (silver award) because they did not include a load of crâp that nobody will use and will be outdated in by the next camera that offers even more crâp that nobody will use.


I want a flippin camera !!!!!

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