Is it true the A7RII is not for action and sport photography?

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Re: Is it true the A7RII is not for action and sport photography?

Without doubt a skilled professional photographer will have the experience to increase the likelihood of capturing great images with a given set of tools. And perhaps a skilled sports photographer who can anticipate likely action can limit the number of bursts relative to someone less experienced or skilled.

However, presumably in sports, and in some other settings, high frame rates come in handy.

For example, just this weekend I wanted to capture the image of a spider in its web. The problem was that it was quite windy and the spider was continually bobbing back and forth relative to the sensor plane. There was no practical way to precisely focus on the spider – even the excellent AF of the A9 could not keep up with the rapid back-and-forth movement of the spider. I was using the 90mm macro lens and positioned it at minimum focus distance from the spider, set the shutter speed and aperture, and then fired off several bursts, assuming that the spider would be in perfect focus on some of them (which was indeed the case). Could the same image have been captured with a camera with slower burst rates – or no burst option at all? Of course, but it would have taken longer to assure a sharp result, especially when just using natural light.

In my spider situation, unlike in most action sports, the outcome was predictable because even though the precise moment of image capture could not be estimated in advance, given the spider was bobbing back-and-forth continually in the same predictable direction, a good result was assured, given enough images. In sports, each moment is unique – even if predictable by the skilled and experienced photographer. So the high frame rate now offered by the A9 (and presumably the “just pick the right frame” from high speed video capture in the future) can still come in handy when attempting to capture the perfect moment (e.g. golf club just meeting the ball on the T). So my thinking is that our modern tools – whether in photography or any other field – enable professionals to achieve higher levels of consistent excellence than what was possible in the past.

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