Having problems with colors: Lightroom vs Canon DPP

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Re: Having problems with colors: Lightroom vs Canon DPP

MauriceRR wrote:

Ellis Vener wrote:

Also understand that Lightroom's color space for previews is a variant of ProPhoto RGB that is nicknamed "Melissa RGB" ( The nickname honors Adobe engineer Melissa Gaul) . Melissa RGB has the same primaries as standard ProPhoto RGB but uses the nonlinear tone curve from sRGB. That tone curve was applied because it is a closer match for human vision.

doesn't help here. The tone curve of an encoding rvb space has nothing to do with the "film-like" tone curve of rawdata tonemapping making pleasing colors by default in lots of rawconverters. And as your workflow is colormanaged (I presume), no big looking differences in whatsoever is the output choosen, (16bits output).

MelissaRGB is just the RVB system of the histogramm in LR. And maybe it has changed since while, I don't own LR, I use ACR. With ACR, the histogramm displays datas in the RGBspace you choose for output now.

Melissa RGB is ONLY used to draw the Histogram (outside of soft proofing) and supply the RGB number readout. It isn't used for previews, it isn't used for processing the image data. In ACR, as you state, the Histogram and numbers are based on the encoding color space selected in the workflow options and the same is true in LR when you invoke a soft proof.

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