D850, no pop-up flash. Why?

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Re: D850, no pop-up flash. Why?

elliotn wrote:

People are always carping about the pop-up flash here on this forum, so perhaps that's why Nikon has removed it.

I'm unusual in that I use pop-up flash (D800) as the sole light source for 90% of my photos - I'm a fan of the forensic look that everyone seems to hate.

I'll definitely miss the pop-up flash in the D850, though I do have a SB400 that gives a similar look (and an extra stop). But it's a pain to remember to bring it along (and to keep its batteries charged).

In itself, the removal of the pop-up flash is not a deal-breaker for me, but when combined with the other features that Nikon has removed (AA filter, CF slot) I start to have my doubts.

I can see why you would miss a pop-up, since you say you use it in almost all of your photos.

The SB400 takes conventional AA batteries - just carry 2 extra. The whole unit doesn't weigh too much (generally less than an extra piece of glass) and is definitely small enough to tuck into an odd corner of your photo bag and forget about it.

The removal of the AA filter won't necessarily be a bad thing. In fact I think of it as an improvement over the D800E in that respect. It will allow slightly improved resolution. As for the purpose of an AA filter in the first place, unless you do an awful lot of clothing or other repetitive fine detail shots - where moire can be an issue - it shouldn't be missed. With the newest anti-moire features found in both PS and LR (and most other editing programs), moire is no longer a major issue for most photographers.


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