STM (10-18/18-55/55-250) initial focus reset after waking up

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STM (10-18/18-55/55-250) initial focus reset after waking up

Hi there,

I have some questions about the focussing practice of canon stm (10-18/18-55/55-250) lenses.

Both the lens and the camera have a sleeping mode and the lens manual says that after wake up the lens performs an initial focus reset (that can take a second during which you can not focus eg shoot a sharp picture)

My questions;

- does the camera after performing that initial focus reset return to its previous focus setting (before the falling a sleep) or does it return focus to some default position?

- depending on the answer of the previous question; can you preset the focus and then leave focus for what it is (focussing not by shutterknob but on the backside of the body) and then even after that initial focus reset or even after remounting the lens the focus will remain unchanged?

- is that initial focus resetting after awakening of the lens annoying, i mean, does it get in the way for immediate focussing/shooting

(with my non-stm I now can immediately focus (using the knob on the backside of the body) plus, if i want, leave it for what it is

Looking forward for your answers and advice,



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