Olympus trying to get away from PC dependency

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Olympus trying to get away from PC dependency

This thread is about E-5III and E-M10III rumors:


A user named Aristophanes has posted some interesting ideas over several posts embedded in the thread. I hope he doesn't mind that I pulled some of it out so others can read it and think about it. I think he is right. Olympus is trying to get away from PC dependency to make users who more and more either don't have one or who don't want to use one get full use of their Olympus ILC. Here are the parts I pulled out of his several posts:

All manufacturers have a dilemma, as we saw with the Pen-F much maligned Art control wheel. That was an attempt to encourage more in-camera processing to JPG. Why?

Well, going straight to the user base social media and sharing process is one reason.

The other has to do with optics and lens corrections. Most post-processing platforms do not natively deal with lens correction and other RAW attributes. The dominant post platforms are mobile OS now. So the dedicated camera industry has to get lens corrected, RAW files onto those platforms right from the camera. They cannot rely on the consumer having a PC and an Adobe subscription to use their new $500 lens properly. We used to see RAW as the terminus of prosumer use, but it is shaping up to be a major barrier to camera sales due to over-reliance on the PC industry and developers like Adobe.

This actually favours the smaller file sizes of m43 and the edge they have in in-camera correction, but camera makers have to do much more to stay relevant. They have to make their output as easy to edit on an iPad as it is to view on an iPhone. It has to be file friendly from sensor to mobile device.

So we might see Olympus pushing that envelope a bit. I see where they were going with the Pen-F. Maybe the 5M3 will continue that.

The flow of processing options for the $1,000 ILC to end user has to come very close to the same process as if the photo was taken on a smartphone. Be it it in-camera or mobile OS the last option is going to be the PC. Mass pbotography, even for the prosumer, is moving quickly past the PC.

Decline in ILC sales is paralleling the decline in home PC usage. So breaking that correlation is necessary to restore growth and stay viable. Correlation is not dependency, and the photo industry has become overly reliant on a tech side that is shifting irrevocably to mobile OS.

The problem for the ILC is not that there aren't processing options. It's that the friction and added cost of PC dependence not only helped sink the P&S market, they are eating substantially into the ILC market as well.

Back to the Pen-F. A whole marketing profile and even hardware engineering designed to emphasize in-camera processing and make camera-not the PC-central to the final image process. This trend will continue, sharply. It's the influence of mobile OS's and their hegemony in both photo creation and viewing platform. I bet we see more of that from the next Olys. Manufacturers can no longer count on their consumer base to have a PC, or even want to process on one. The ILC market has to go where the dominant OS and digital consumption platform is.

Olympus PEN-F
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