*** MIni-Challenge #473 *** Edge-to-Edge Subject - RESULTS

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*** MIni-Challenge #473 *** Edge-to-Edge Subject - RESULTS

Admittedly, there was some confusion over just how to interpret the topic of the mini-challenge. Therefore, there were a number of interesting photos that really didn't fit. If your photo isn't highlighted here, that doesn't mean it was a bad photo.

Fortunately, there were a number of excellent entries and exhibitions that DID fit as well.

Here are the honorable mentions, in no particular order;

bjotings;  I see the subject of this photo to be the continuity of the water and the horizon, rather than the little sitting area on the right.  I like the feeling of infinity.

busch; Lovely girl. It's hard to pull off a portrait without any background, but you did it well.

Trafford; I like the combination of the two colors.

Jerry045; What a simple subject - shirts on hangers. But the colors are amazing.

edform; Doesn't matter if it was one of a hundred tries, it was an excellent capture.

KBTinto; Nice B&W treatment. The woman in the photo is the perfect thing to set off the otherwise harsh geometry, too.

Val Bueno; Once again showing us how capable and powerful the little RX100ii still is - in such competent hands, especially.

Mina; Nice edge-to-edge composition. Lots to look at.

Bob Blount; It works if the subject of the photo is the color red, more than the horizon. I love the angry-feeling clouds, too.

bjotings; Gorgeous shot of this atrium.

Okay; I said earlier that these are in no particular order and that is true. But I would like to highlight the following four photos as sort of extra-special honorary mention, if you don't mind...

Scriv; "Blue" I just love the long-exposure smooth water  playing off the puffy clouds.

Harvey Rawn; I love the pallet of earth-tome colors here - and the play of green between the glass on the shelf and the grass out the window.

aquaroid; He submitted three great photos and I chose this one because I would love to see it printed about 8 feet wide and then watch a group of children pick out their favorite rocks.

Bill Borne; I love flowers and take a lot of photos like this myself. This was very well done.

Winners in the next post...

Flat view
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