Looking to get into Macro Photogroahy on sony a6300

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Re: Looking to get into Macro Photogroahy on sony a6300

Htbaa wrote:

REDunnLev wrote:

Htbaa wrote:

And don't forget the SEL30M35 macro lens, though its focal length is a bit awkward if you're going for insects and such.

I do not know what the OP is shooting but I believe this is supposed to be a decent lens. I'm considering this lens for a food photography shoot but I too am nervous about the short focal length.

It is and very sharp. All I can suggest is set your kit lens at 30mm and try to see if you can frame your food shots with that. If you need to get closer than the kit lens allows but you do like the focal length I'd say go for it.

I don't use mine very often, but if I were to get one now I would probably go for the FE 50mm macro, but that's because of price concerns. The FE 90mm macro is lovely. Had a change to use it for 15 minutes a year and a half ago and I really liked it. But dang it's quite pricey. Probably worth the money though :-).

If 30mm is okay the SEL30M35 is definitely worth purchasing. I've got some shots  taken with it on my A6000 here . The close distance required for proper macro shots is it's only bad point.

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