Is America a democracy or an oligarchy?

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Re: Is America a democracy or an oligarchy?

T Hunter wrote:

captura wrote:

T Hunter wrote:

Is it not amazing how every day, 24/7 there is thread after thread hitting the US from every angle imaginable and not one thread to discuss the biggest mafia organization on the planet that is located in Moscow. This is just at a camera site. The USA is losing the disinformation war.

In terms of $$$, I don't know which would be the larger mafia. The American or the Russian? When you consider the secret government behind the scenes, the CIA, the 'Deep State.'

Right lets make this about how much worse the US is than the current dictator that recent figures say he is worth 200 billion, rewrote the constitution to run a 3rd term that all the trolls said Obama would do, takes down opponents by murdering them or creating sex scandals, shut down independent press - state run only, created his personal army aka a pretorian guard, invaded a sovereign nation and lied about, adopted fascism via the Russia's new ideology by Alexandr Dugin, and the list goes on.

Wow. That is one helluva run on sentence. Do you mind analyzing?

No lets' just continue to make it about America because Moscow is the pillar of truth and democracy.

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