Fuji XT-2 users - what is your second (small) camera?

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Fuji XT-2 users - what is your second (small) camera?

I've been using the Fuji XT-2 for more than a year now, and I had the Fuji XT-1 for a year before. I have three prime lenses (as in my signature), plus the KIT zoom (which I never use). In practice, in the end I only use the XF 56/1.2 and the XF 16mm/1,4 primes, and I almost never use the XF18-55 and the XF23/2.

What I found that often I don't bring the camera with my, because it's still too big, only something smaller would travel with me. Sometimes I take it with me with the zoom, or with the 23/2, but then it's not small enough to fit into my mesenger bag or jack pocket, so then I already take the bigger primes with me. So, I figured, I would need an "all the time with me camera" for my messenger bag, or when I go for a casual cycling trip, or I just go to fetch the groceries. I decided that cost can be anything up to 1000 EUR/USD, of course the lower the cost the better, but if that's the only reason then actually wait a bit and rather save up over time.

I had the following thoughts:

1. Choose a Fuji camera that is small, and uses the same battery.

2. Anything small that delivers super picture quality (either compact, zoom, or fixed lens).

I have read tons of tests of enthusiast compacts , the camera buying guides on The Wirecutter, but apparently I have the "Paradox of choice" sickness - too many options.

So, I thought to help myself and make the list shorter, I would only consider cameras that actual Fuji XT-2 users have ax a second camera, and pick one from that list.

What do you use as a second camera for the Fuji XT-2?

I would be happy for some real world advice, from people who have the Fuji XT-2, and have a second camera, and how they like it or not.

  • What camera do you use next to the Fuji XT-2?
  • What was your reasoning to choose it?
  • Any learning from your experience using the two cameras in parallel?

If you don't have a Fuji XT-2, or if you don't have a second camera, I'm less interested in your advice, because I would just end up again in the paradox of choice. I just want some real world examples from people who have this experience.

Thanks a lot!


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