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Re: FE 4/12-24 G -- My Mini-Review

richj20 wrote:

FastJimmy wrote:

Other than a good review I'm curious how you got permission to shoot inside the Mission Inn Hotel since they are very finicky about anyone taking photos even without a tripod.

Staff is finicky and alert to catch any commercial photographers, who do need special permission to photograph on site.

Otherwise, guests and visitors abound with cameras, albeit mostly smartphone cameras these days.

I always check in at the front desk and ask for their small "Self Guided History Tour" brochure, and tell them that I plan to "take some pictures."

I carry my camera in a small discreet non-photographic shoulder bag, and remove it only to make the exposure, then replace it in the bag. I don't carry the camera on a neck strap. I keep the brochure visible, so that I look like a tourist walking around! When I see staff or security, I always say hello.

For the photographs in Duane's Prime Steaks dining room I posted, I asked the Maitre 'D in the breakfast dining room adjacent if I could go inside, and he said,"Of course."

BTW if you get a chance gain entrance to the Unitarian Church and capture the great piece of stained glass on the east wall.

By coincidence, I stopped in this morning following their service, and spoke with one of the staff who let me go inside for a couple of photographs:

Entrance to the auditorium, with the giant window on the far wall.

One of the treasures of stained glass artwork and craftsmanship. About 17 feet tall, crafted by Sebiling Wells Glass Company in Chicago, early 1890s. The names on the plates at the bottom refer to George Deere, Albert S. White, William Finch, who were prominent Riverside residents, and were a part of the planning process of the church.

- Richard

Good Capture and good stealth techniques.  I know some of the parishioners in the church and plan to go there some day for my own pictures.


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