2 sRGB monitors or 1 aRGB and 1 sRGB monitor

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2 sRGB monitors or 1 aRGB and 1 sRGB monitor

Hi, it is time to replace my 7 year old 23" HP monitors. They have served me well..I keep them calibrated as good as possible using a Colormunki and X-Rite software. I use LR, PS, and the On1 Photo Raw Suite and print out to a (still working well) Epson 4900. This is a 10 color printer that has quite a large gamut.

My question is, would you purchase two "modern" ips srgb monitors or 1 extended gamut and a second monitor to go along with it? I am absolutely committed to a 2 monitor setup and am wondering if the extended gamut (BenQ SW2700PT) is worth the money and effort instead of, say, 2 Dell U2717D monitors, which are high quality srgb monitors.

My workflow is: always shooting RAW, catalog and edit in LR, and print out of LR to the 4900. If I go into photoshop or On1, I use Profoto space and PSD format (16-bit). The only time I export is for the web, then I go down to jpeg and srgb.

I use the computer for other activities like web work, website, word documents

My website is www.luceroart.com to give you an idea of the kind of photos/colors I take.

Is softproofing good enough? Would you rather have 2 of the same monitor (srgb), or deal with 2 different color spaces? Keeping my 2 current monitors calibrated and looking at the color values through the numbers has always gotten me quite close. I am sometimes fooled in the shadow detail. I rarely have to make a change and reprint.

Any thoughts or comments will be much appreciated.



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