Reflections on the E-5 ...

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Reflections on the E-5 ...

I've recently begun to purge my rather large image files (180,000+ in the Lightroom catalog!). I do this, on average, a couple of times a year.

In addition to getting rid of the images that I'll never do anything with, it's a great exercise, also, for comparing the qualities and characteristics of the different cameras I've owned and used over the years, which included the Olympus E-1, E-420, E-510, E-3 and E-5.

I'm writing today because this process has given me an opportunity to freshly view all of my E-5 files and gain a renewed sense of just how good that cameras was ... and still is.  Many, not just a few, of the shots are of breathtaking technical quality ... better than the typical shots from my full frame Canons and APS-C Nikons and others.  No doubt the lenses have a lot to do with this (12-60, 50mm f/2, 50-200, etc), but there are overriding qualities that show through regardless of lens used or even the conditions of the environments. I've got a series that I shot at a music recital, held indoors, with the 50-200 @ ISO 2500 that's about as clean and sharp as one should expect under conditions and settings like that.

I have another series shot over a 10-day period while sailing with a friend of mine.  We sailed some 1300 miles from the Northeast to Palm Beach, Florida ... with me taking photographs every step of the way.  The photos are a true and realistic chronicle of the trip, with images that almost defy description in terms of their colors and clarity.  And, of course, the water occasionally splashing on the camera had no negative consequences whatsoever!

As good as they are, the majority of images from my E-P5 and M4/3 lenses that I purchased to replace my E-5 simply don't compare to what I obtained time and time again with the E-5 ... which I now see as one of the more maligned cameras of its time ... particularly the many criticisms about noise at higher ISOs.

I'm considering finding and purchasing another E-5.  Thanks for reading.

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