X-E3 May be Announced Sept. 7

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Re: I want one but...

Jerry-astro wrote:

dv312 wrote:


I reckon we have a lot of kids (some >50 yrs old) in this forum still

Kids like me have to learn to shoot properly so will need lots of help:

Builtin flash

Flippy LCD
Touch screen

Large EVF

Hope Fuji doesn't abandon kids like me and only cater to the adults


The discourse between the keep it simple/back to basics crowd who eschew any complexity and most new features and those that appreciate the new technology and enhancements will never end. It represents two very different (and highly personal) philosophies towards photography, gear, etc. I just pick a side (which should be pretty obvious having grown up with a technology related career), grab the popcorn, and enjoy the banter.

Alas, even as a moderator, I can't help jumping in and "poking the bear" once in a while. Hopefully, my co-Mod, Bob, won't take offense and ban me for stirring the pot.

If Fuji built a 'keep it simple' camera that they would sell millions.

If I want tech, I will use my smartphone.

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