What filters do you use? Just ordered FH Firecrest.

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What filters do you use? Just ordered FH Firecrest.

Decided to drop my 84.5 mm (brand) It has a few scratches (given the way I treat my gear that is not bad after 4 yrs at all I have to admit). But also they only have 10 stopper. No 6 stops or anything in between. 3 stop grad gave a colorcast etc.

So I went for this:

  1. 0.9 soft edge graduated filter
  2. 7 stops filter
  3. Aluminium 67 x 85 mm holder
  4. 46 mm to 67mm adapter
  5. 58 mm to 67 mm adapter
  6. Poliseriser ring for front coverage
  7. 77 mm polariser ultra thin.

I used a coupo which you can find on this site and received 10% price redution. I will mention this guys site and not the code because I think he deserves that if we deserve the 10%.

Vieri Bottazzini site

You can find the code under "Gear".

I wondered if 7,5 mm Laowa would be hampered by a 67 mm filter. Just picked op paper, cut out 85 mm and added two dark bars of 9 mm to each side and put it in my current 85 mm holder. The bars did no show up when I put it in the 3rd slot of the holder (furthest away from the lens). I could even put it futher away manually by 5 mm or so and still no bars visible.

A small downside is that there re only two slots available now but I have nver used three as far as I can remmember and the chance of a colour cast gets bigger.
Also a 67 mm filterhtread is not available for the obvious reason it won't work....
Now I do hope I am not going to be too tempted by the PL 8-18 mm because it has been on my mind.
I just hope a 9-10 mm Prime will come to life and stick to a max of 62 mm....The 12 mm F1,4 already hits it. Let's hope for me f1.7 or f1.8 will help a little.

What is very nice for us mFT and influenced my decision: ths 67 mm sized filters are especially designed with mFT users in mind AND the price is a lot lower! For the filters it is about 40% or so cheaper.

Anyway: anyone using this or another filterset? NiSi seemed nice too. Lee needs no introduction.

For anyone who wants a good filterset I still recommend the 84.5 mm if you are not extremely fussy or use HiRes mode In HiRes sharpness is affected I am afraid, but otherwise I was very happy with this brand. Again: I do not even have a filterpouch and still the number of scratches is quite low. So the material they use seems fine.

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