I wish we could bold an election (US) right now.

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Re: I wish we could bold an election (US) right now.

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Just to see what the turnout would be. I bet it woukd be unfathomable. And not just the anti Trump, but tbe peo folks too.

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You missed one very important detail which is why Trump could likely win. Ask yourself again why Trump won? No, it wasn't because the voters were stupid. It was because the alternative looked like the same old liars and their past history of deceitful politics. Politicians bought and paid for by special interest groups doing their wishes contrary to those of the public. They felt there was no hope in the Crooked Hillary and her lies. Trump beat his RNC contenders into submission with his bully tactics. Guess what? Until the Democrats purge themselves of what is a systemic disease of corruption, I wouldn't plan on much success with dumping Trump.

I think even Crooked Hillary is looking pretty good about now.

It depends, one hope with Donald was that the corruption, warmongering and racism is clear to see once he is in office. The problem with Clintons and the dem elites was, that they had a public and a private face. ClintonII would mean nothing would change and most get´s worse behind the curtain and others in Farganistan have to suffer like since the end of WWII. Donald is dumb enough to not have a public face and is helping people not only in the US to wake up and see the reality which CNN, NYT´s and others have covered up for too long.

Trump is stealing America blind before your very eyes and nothing is getting done for the people.

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