just 11% of Americans are racist

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Re: just 11% of Americans are racist

Max Iso wrote:

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Max Iso wrote:

Father Bouvier wrote:

Racism does exist in America, but despite all the efforts of the leftist propaganda machine, the polls show that only 11% of respondents support racist views.

As i said yesterday when talking about this to my wife, the racism that's real is waaaaaaay weaker than the libs want to claim. They need a boogeyman though bc they need a reason to keep attacking white people. That's the real issue, demonize the group you don't like so you are justified in attacks. Thats their game.

Boo hoo hoo hoo. I feel so sorry for you white people. I really do. Everybody is against you. When will you ever learn.

To think if it were a couple hundred years ago, you'd be begging for sympathy while wearing chains. Just remember you are hating on over half of the country. When most of those libs on the left wise up, you might have a problem on your hands. Your attitude is the reason you are seeing so much kkk and white nationalist movement. People like you are the cause.

The ghosts of black slaves are returning to haunt America. Can't you see what's happening? American slavery left a curse on America. You don't get free labor. It is costing dearly.

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