Dear America,

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Dear America,

As I stand before this hallowed place.....nearly 16 years after a day when time stood still I can't help but think of where we are.

Hate groups running rampant, racial and political divide, calls for monument removals, calls for Presidential Assassinations from elected officials...

Where did we go wrong?

What happened to us as a Nation?

Think what's different from a year ago today.

Only the President's, right?

Last year America had a white man as President that Republicans claimed was the most racially devisive President ever. Today we have a white President that Democrats think is racist and supports hate groups!

So, not much difference, just different parties!

Are you saying all white presidents are alike?

In an age where we are more connected than ever before through seems we are further apart than we have ever been.

So what are we gonna do America?

It's true there is never any room in America for bigotry or hate......but neither is DIVISION!

The truth is,

We are either together or we're not...

We are either all in on this idea that is America or we're out...

I wonder what the people who on that day 16 years ago were united as one and were simply Americans would say to us now?

Would they be proud of the steps we have taken since the day Americans stood together as one nation in the face of true opposition?

Or would they not recognize who we are or what we have become?

When I think of that day I don't think of terror.

I don't think of weakness.

I don't see black and I don't see white.

I DO NOT see politics of who is right and who is wrong....

I think of a rallying cry for America and the awakening of what makes Americans truly great....


WE are the problem....BUT we are also the answer!

Think about it.


*this was on my F.B. feed author unknown to me.

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