Canon reports on G-series

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Re: Unimaginative branding not helping.

justmeMN wrote:

RA40 wrote: Canon offers so much in varying price points these days that one can cross shop between the various lines they have. Confusing...:-|

Yes, the SL2 costs less than the G5 X, and neither one will fit in my jeans pocket. It will be interesting to see if the M100 has the same sensor/AF as the M5/M6.

You can't ignore the lenses.   G5X comes with a built in lens that is like a hypothetical 15-63 f3-4.7 would be on the SL2.    Closest lens canon has to that is the 15-85mm f3.5-5.6 that costs more than the G5X alone.   If you went with an off brand lens, the 17-70 f2.8-4 from Sigma is a bit closer still, but that and an SL2 is going to set you back $1050 new.

As a single point of comparison with a body and longer range standard zoom, the G5 X (or G7X II) is a better value than most new SLR or mirrorless kits you'll find

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