Upgrade to 80d or 7d?

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Re: Upgrade to 80d or 7d?

Mark B. wrote:

Andy01 wrote:

From memory the 750D was the same sensor as the 70D, but I may be wrong.

I don't have the 80D, but my M5 (which has effectively the same sensor as 80D with later Digic) does not have any better low light performance than my 70D, so I doubt that the 80D would be appreciably better than my 70D in this respect.

I agree that to see a step change in low light, FF is the way to go.

I have a 24-105L f4 and it works well with my 70D, and is a good walk-around lens for either APS-C or FF.


Depends what you shoot of course, but I disagree about the 24-105 being a good walk-around lens for a crop sensor. At the wide end it only gives an equivalent FOV of a 38mm lens, so not very wide at all if you want to do any scenics or landscapes. I much prefer the 18-135 EF-S. Obviously not a constant f/4 and can't be used on FF, but a much more flexible range for crop.

I used the 24-105mm f/4.0L on my 80D as my travel lens in Europe last winter.  It provided great image quality but there were times when I wanted (needed) greater width and greater reach!  The 18-135 would have been perfect.

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