Leica T for a new Leica user?

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Re: Leica T for a new Leica user?

ktmei wrote:

To those that have the Original Leica T, I have a few questions.

1. Is it worth getting when basing it on overall user experience?

Yes, if you are willing to learn how it was intended to be used and not try to fight it and force it into being a DSLR.

2. If you were to only keep 1 camera for everyday casual street photography, would the T be the keeper?

I could get by with nothing but the T + 23mm and adapted glass.

3. For $1600-1700 (T + 23mm Summicron), is this setup well worth the money?

I paid much less. But it still sounds ok imo.

4. Is the lack of an EVF a drawback in any way when taking photos?

In some way sure. But I don't let it bother me.

5. Should the EVF even be considered if taking pictures with the LCD screen is excellent enough?

If you find a cheap one, why not. But you can worry about that later.

6. Is the shutter sound loud enough to attract people's attention at nearby surrounding?

It is actually very quite for a non leaf shutter.

Much appreciated, thanks.

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