My X-T10 review one year after getting it

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My X-T10 review one year after getting it

Short introduction: I got my first serious camera in 2011, the Nikon D90. I loved it for its capabilities (coming from a point&shoot) and reliability. However, as time went by and as I collected a few lenses, the whole system became a burden to carry considering my amateur needs (even if I'd take only a couple of lenses with me at a time). So I started researching a mirrorless system as and addition or a replacement for my DSLR system as mirorles seems to be the way to downsize your gear in terms of weight and size.

So, after months of researching on what system to get into and what lenses to choose I went ahead and bought a X-T10 together with three lenses - the 27/2.8, 60mm f/2.4 and Samyang 12mm f/2. It took me less time than I expected to get used to the new system. Notable differences are the following:

- The EVF. I wasn't sure if I'd like it enough for continued use but I don't mind it. The abilities it provides are great coming from a DSLR (bigger magnification compared to similarly specced DSLR, seeing your exposure in real time, focus peaking, etc. I'm not a big fan of the eyecup though, the one on the D90 is better.

- IQ is a distinct improvement compared to the D90. I don't mind shooting at up to ISO 6400 while on the D90 I'd avoid anything above 1600. The raw files are quite flexible, too. While I can bring more information out of highlights, I can do that at a lesser degree in shadows compared to the D90. I don't mind the trade-off though. I love the JPG film simulations too although I almost always shoot JPG+RAW. Unfortunately raw files are huge in size for the resolution provided.

- Controls and handling - being mostly an aperture priority user I quickly adapted to not having PASM modes on a dial. Too bad the 27 doesn't have an aperture dial. The camera has plenty of controls however it feels small even though I don't have large hands. It's a pity you can't easily change batteries once you're on a tripod but I guess that's the price to pay for a small camera.

- Live view and rear screen - I love the tilting abilites of the rear screen. LV is much better on mirrorless, too, in just about any way.

- AF. AF-S is qute accurate although I wish it was faster (the AF lenses I have are slow ones, too). AF-C is something I haven't used a lot but it doesn't seem to be reliable. I wish there was a focus limiter built in the body - this would be highly useful for the 60mm macro.

- Battery - I'd leave the D90 turned on while it's out of the camera bag which is something I can't do with the X-T10 as I try to save juice. Not having battery percentage is a shame as the battery indicator is not so reliable (the last two bars seem to disappear quite quickly compared to the first one). Still, you can last on a single battery a day so it's fine.

- Flash usage - the pop-up one is weak but I have only used it twice or so. I can normally use my Nikon SB-26 on the camera although my girlfriend's SB-500 is not compatible with the X-T10 at all.

- High speed shooting and video capture are definite improvements over the D90 but I haven't used them much. Videos are fine for the occasional short clip.

Overall, this tiny camera has grown a lot on me and is making the D90 mostly collect dust. I love the small size and portability of the system. The three lenses I have cover my favourite focal lengths so I rarely miss having a standard zoom. Above all they (and the camera) are highly competent for the shooting I usually do - landscapes, travel, portraits. Here are some of my favourite shots taken with the X-T10:

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