Upgrade to 80d or 7d?

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Re: Upgrade to 80d or 7d?

Yossarian1 wrote:

Labmom60 wrote:

is the 80d or 7d a good upgrade from a T6i/750d? I understand the Rebel series, basically an entry level, but don't understand why Canon has both the EOS 60, 70, 80d series and then the 7d as an APS-C, where the 6d is FF. I'd like something better in low light. Any advice. Thank you

The 60D is an old model as are the 70D and the 7D. You might still be able to buy one somewhere but the 7D was superseded by the 7D mark II in 2014.

The current APS-C models are the 800D (which incidentally replaced your 750D), 77D, 80D and 7D MarkII.

Check out the road map here


What are you shooting in low light?

Thank you for the link.

Dark rides/low light rides at Walt Disney World.

I think the 80d would be a nice upgrade.  I might be better going to FF, with. 6D, 6D II, 5D, 5D II, 5D III??? I see that the 6D II is out, don't know how much of an upgrade it is from the 6D? I do like the crop lenses I have.

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