Leica T for a new Leica user?

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jeff hladun
jeff hladun Veteran Member • Posts: 3,161
Highly recommended for Street:

I find the T (v.1) incredibly versatile as a casual street camera. It depends on whether you and I agree on what "casual street" is, however. I use a manual focus lens (the Zeiss 21mm Biogon) with a long depth-of-field so as to control the depth in the image to my liking. I have no use on the street for automatic focus. Pre-focussing means that that part of the photographic process is instantaneous to the moment, since there is no wait time for the lens to focus.

The LCD is huge, and held away from my eyes, I can visualise Form quickly. Think of how the structure of a superior image pops out when looking at a contact sheet. That's a distinct advantage for street photography. The T is a powerful instrument for capturing spontaneous events on the street, something I'm very interested in.

Compared to the rangefinder system, with its outside of the frame optical viewfinder, the LCD of the T is what you see is what you get. Here, the rangefinder has the advantage for Street Photography as that feature allows the photographer to optimize composition quicker. On the other hand, I believe liveview has an advantage over the DSLR viewfinder, again because Form becomes more noticeable when the camera is not held to the eye but at a distance.

Using the T without the EVF on the street means shooting with the camera held away from the eye and the body. There becomes another layer of casualness of technique, which translates to a discreet acceptance with the people being photographed. Sometimes, being open and obvious is the way for the street photographer to be rendered invisible. It's almost counter-intuitive!

So, if any of this resonates with your street technique, then I highly, highly recommend the T.

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