No D7500 love?

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Re: No D7500 love?

adylock wrote:

The one pattern I've seen in the comments is that people with older, more entry level cameras (myself included with the D3100) seem to like the D7500, whereas those coming from it's predecessor (D7100 or D7200) don't.

From a sales perspective this makes sense. For years, those with higher-end DX cameras have been asking for a replacement for the D300s. Nikon released the D500 and everyone was happy. Many D300/D7x00 users will have upgraded.

For people like me, I couldn't justify the cost or size of the D500, I wanted something a bit smaller and more wife/child friendly as a family camera. The D7500 does exactly this, with better auto-focus, better dynamic range, better high ISO performance and higher FPS than all D3x00 and D5x00 cameras. Before the D7500 was released, I was very close to selling my Nikon investment and moving to the Sony A6500.

I've got a D7000 and D7100 and love my D7500!

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