Grass is greener....

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Grass is greener....

M4/3 fast, short tele prime “portrait” lenses – native mount.

(M4/3 cameras crop factor is 2.0)

Voigtlander Nokton 42,5mm f. 0,95 (manual lens, expensive)

Panasonic-Leica Nocticron 42,5mm f. 1,2 (stabilized, very expensive, dual IS compatible on newer Panasonic cameras)

Panasonic 42,5mm f.1,7 (stabilized, rather affordable, also dual IS compatible on newer Panasonic cameras)

Olympus 45mm f. 1,8 (affordable)

Panasonic-Leica 45mm f.2,8 macro (stabilized, pretty expensive)

Olympus 60mm f. 2.8 macro (medium price)

Sigma 60mm f. 2,8 (very affordable but not very fast)

Olympus 75mm f. 1,8 (expensive)

All these lenses are optically very good to excellent. The cheapest: Sigma 60mm, f.2,8 is among the optically excellent lenses.

Olympus has for some years had an excellent 5 axes stabilization in most cameras, so they don´t need in lens IS.

Panasonic latest cameras (GH5, GX80/85 and G80/85) also have in camera 5 axes stabilization. This stabilization can be combined with lens IS in most newer Panasonic lenses.

Canon native EOS-M lenses in this category 0!

I bought the original EOS-M when it was on fire sale together with the good 22mm and 11-22mm lenses knowing the limitations of the camera, but left the system, when I realized Canons lack of support for the system.

If small size and weight is important it is defeated using the adapter together with most FF lenses.

I still own the EOS-M, but almost only use M4/3 cameras (Panasonic GX 80 and G 80).

In addition to a huge selection of native lenses I have got:

In camera 5 axes stabilization – working both in stills and video

Very fast and precise auto focus – also in low light.

Easy to change size of focus point – down to pinpoint and eye focusing.

Completely silent shooting.

Very good video quality including 4K

On the downside, M4/3 cameras have a smaller sensor, but the quality of sensors play an important role, and Canons crop sensors have for years been far from class leading.

I like to print my best photos. I can print up to A3+ (13x18) and the result can be really excellent especially when using one of the best (but not always cheap) lenses.

When selling my Canon 5D II DSLR I demanded a much smaller and lighter setup. I found Canon EOS-M and M4/3 to fulfill these demands, but Canons developments (and lack of such both in lenses and features) have really been a disappointment to me.

You can of course have other valid priorities, no camera is perfect.


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