Uncovering REAL RAW: de-blacking fake blacks-n-shadow + fake whites-n-highlights

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Uncovering REAL RAW: de-blacking fake blacks-n-shadow + fake whites-n-highlights

Uncovering REAL RAW: de-blacking fake blacks-n-shadow + fake whites-n-highlights

unfortunately, in pp via LR ...

unavailable in-camera "live" ... (pawning off misrepresentative live DR & exposure preview)

... by withholding true RAW live (flatter) preview ... but showing us only exaggerated high contrasty jpeg/lut preview

i hate this fake high contrast preview (even when i know the camera is already preset to show the lowest contrast live preview) ... and ... my eyes see no fake blacks/darks (no broad daylight black shadows in reality) and no fake whites/brights (nothing blown in reality)

here ... Jared Polin (fronosphotos) shared a daytime Sony A9 photo

where the histogram "as shot" was the unreal U-pattern (huge peak on the dark black ends and huge peak on the bright light ends) and lower values in the midtones (telling us, yes, this is a bright scenario .. but not necessarily a high contrast one ... taken at a covered open air media booth at an open air sports stadium facing a well lit daytime play field with sun out, but NOT shining directly at the subject IN the media booth (= no dark harsh shadows possible, only slight soft shadows, if any, given the booth interior was CLEARLY WELL LIT by inset lighting in the ceiling (revealed by his video on the A9 topic on "astounding" DR)

whilst he showed the original (I call fake Sony look of a contrasty RAW; ARW in DNG as he remembered it shot) it showed a blown exterior (unreal, really) and a very dark interior (likewise, unreal and IMPOSSIBLE):

notorious fake high contrast Sony histogram (unaltered) ... blue skies do NOT look so white ... as per high peak in right side of histogram ... nor daylit interiors so dark with interior lights present as per peaks on leftside of histogram !!! i call B.S. on Sony ...

because so many photographers have been fed FAKE contrasty RAW histograms, they timidly post process images leaving still too unreal fake shadows when publishing/sharing their version of how they think it should look ... like here:

rendered by Jared Polin to his liking (with classic unreal shadows .. in a well lit room ... )

for more info ... see:

ref: http://froknowsphoto.com/sonya9/


so ... knowing the RAW was unreal and misrepresented by SONY ...

I sought to UN-FAKE the rigged contrast, to uncover the more flatter REAL RAW (minus the fake blacks, fake whites, etc as best as i could with rudimentary "LR Mobile" ... ) here:

now this looks like a REAL RAW HISTOGRAM ... no squishing shadows or highlights to the extreme left+right sides ... THIS is how LIVE PREVIEW (REAL FLAT RAW) SHOULD HAVE LOOKED LIKE IN-CAMERA !!! manufacturers are being SNEAKY ... i know our eyes can see it JUST LIKE THIS "LIVE" ... notice the indoor lighting on the back of the sports announcer ... one does not turn on interior lights for nothing, ok!? i know the interior is well lit ... but the camera was RIGGED to CONCEAL good light

thus ... with a very FLAT, BUT REAL RAW HISTOGRAM ... one can opt to dial back in fake high contrast "to taste" for those who are "fake-film-contrast-sentimental"

if mfrs of cinema cameras can offer FLAT LOOKING REAL RAW (S-LOG, C-LOG, "un-fake-contrast" ... why not all digital stills camera models, too !!!

maybe they think post-processors get a "good feeling" thinking they can bring out (what was hid) ... through wondrous new skills ... when in fact, it was there in the open, but veiled in a fake unreal too high contrasty terrible looking baked pseudo-raw file ...

no, thank you ...

or give me the option in-camera to un-fake it a la LR-in-camera ... plz!!!

i want real FLAT "MAX DATA SPREAD OUT" RAW BACK ... not data squished off either ends of the histogram ...


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