150MP larger size Sony sensor in 2018

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Re: 150MP larger size Sony sensor in 2018

cdembrey wrote:

Teila Day wrote:

I agree 100%; refuse to be bombarded with ads.

I keep my ad blockers up-to-date, and test new ones as they are released.

The problem with ads is tracking—click on an ad and 5 minuets later you have spam in your in-box. Sometimes you don't have to click to be tracked.

I keep the email boxes on a tight rein so not much of a problem with email.

Google is the worst. Several hours ago I was looking at a lighting forum and someone mention a modifier I'd never heard of, so I went directly to their site (no search) and didn't not click on anything. Now I have been spammed by a Google ad. Meh.

DuckDuckGo is a non-tracking search engine https://duckduckgo.com

Duck' is ok, but doesn't perform as well as google in my experience.  It's great for going to specific web sites, but I'm not too crazy about it as a search engine.

Unlike you, I never worked in retail photography, just commercial and editorial.

Retail photography is to professional photography as "floor nursing" is to the nursing profession.   If I wasn't able to make it work in my quirky way, and work with a particular demographic, I wouldn't dare touch it (retail photography).  However, in my particular case, I find it the most rewarding facet in photography.

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