Lies, D@mn Lies, and Histograms: Rendered (JPEG or LUT) vs Unrendered (RAW)

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Lies, D@mn Lies, and Histograms: Rendered (JPEG or LUT) vs Unrendered (RAW)

Lies, D@mn Lies, and Histograms:

Rendered (JPEG or LUT) vs Unrendered (RAW)

... live preview in realtime ...

consumer/prosumer camera mfrs have for too long shortchanged us by showing us grossly "data undisclosed" or "data lumped" image sensor histograms where the horizontal scale is non-explicit (no value points shown), and thus we get an unknown scale suited to limits of the display monitor (the built-in ones)

i have, before, advocated for dual displays, where one already sees shown "live exposure preview" from image sensor, but we know this is a "rendered look" only, and missing the flatter unrendered RAW data

a RAW histogram should be "fully disclosed" and not merely chop both dark+bright ends with "truncated histograms"

i have seen "full histograms" on higher end off-camera computers which show a much more logical complete histogram graphing, rather than the lumped "dark end of shadows" on the far left (low EV) and the lumped "bright end of highlights" on the far right (high EV)

we also should be able have distinct cutoff of both "exact black point" and "exact white point" on that histogram scale with a FINER EV GRADATION SCALE leading to both extreme ends:

a numeric EV value scale shown ... and a live sliding histogram scale, as we make exposure adjustements in real time (not just in post "after the fact")

anything done by computer off-camera after the shot, could be done in-camera live ... it's a matter of better efficient processing !!!

this allows us even greater photographic creativity in the field

than just "post-processing fixit-before-creativity" in a "digital light-n-dark-room"

plenty of us enjoy being creative in the field, not just being creative in post

i want live-ACR-RAW (LR/PS, etc) in-camera ... plz!!!

at the moment, being creative in post has become dominant, over being creative in-camera in the field because we are shortchanged in the field with "underrepresented FINER SCALED LIVE histogram data disclosure" (in-camera) which drives everyone to falling back to mostly "better disclosed" RAW histograms in pp off-camera computer software reliance

live rgb RAW unrendered histograms (switchable) along side rgb JPEG/LUT rendered histograms are missing from stills photography cameras (even though cin motion cameras get more of it via waveform displays)

i have also suggested dual displays (simultaneous) for LV dSLRs ... one fixed plus one vari-angle swivel screen (VASS) both Touchscreen

an integrated modular VASS for those who want it, removable, replacable, upgradable, etc

(long before modular digital cin cameras offered it, it should have been offered on digital stills, but still missed oem ... aftermarket third party providers more than prove the need is real, not "unneeded" nor "useless"


i still enjoy photography ... in the field, in-camera ... live

far more than "just" post-processing creativity ... off-camera ... after the capture

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