How I learned to RTFM

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How I learned to RTFM

Because its a lot of RTFM with this one. Trust me.

This is not a typical review, instead I concentrate on evaluating how this camera handles/feels/sounds etc, ergonomics and "camera/user interaction" stuff. The image quality, performance and all other things have already been done by everyone and thir dog. Just read those reviews.

Basically I bought this camera for its image quality, and everything else was secondary. Considering this is a 2k€ cam I expected very good build quality and feel of all buttons and switches etc.

However this is not the case...

Lets begin with the shutter release button or the trigger as I like to think of it. Its very mushy feeling, there is absolutely no halfway detent in its travel (AF on point), and its very mushy where it bottoms out. Very indistinct feeling.

As opposed to my Nikon D40x that feels like a Cherry MX blue switch in comparison. The d40x trigger has a clearly defined half way detent, and I can clearly hear it at an arms lengths distance.. The end point is also rock solid, no mush like the 750 here. Very far from it.

The on/off switch is also a lot more vague and indistinct on the d750.
While the d40x snaps on with authority!

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The 8way "joypad" and its lock..
Well where do I begin here really. Its super indistinct feeling and mushy, and its too small imo. Should have been 150% as large and placed between the AE-L button and the rear scroll wheel imo. Its sticking out about 5mm from the rear of the housing making it difficult to use and it would have been better if it instead was flush or even recessed a mm or 2.

The d40x 4 way joypad is much more distinct feeling, and makes and audible clicking sound and is about twice as fast in actual use because of this, the OK button is also miles ahead of the d750..

The AF point lock lever is absurdly easy to manipulate and its not very confidence inspiring since its actually supposed to lock something...


The locking "drive" switch is also very vague feeling. They could have made the it non locking and just made the detents several 1000% better instead.

The mode/PSAM switch is nice feeling, very good. No need for a lock on that one imo, but you will need to disengage the lock to operate it.

Menu/WB/qual/iso/i/play/trashcan/AE-L/ok-buttons are very indistinct and cheap feeling, and they are quite wobbly. These are worse than the d40x buttons. the d40x buttons has pretty much zero wobble and feel quite bit less mushy overall.

Front and rear scroll wheels: good or very good. The front one though is not very good if you have small hands.

SD card compartment door snaps open too easy imo. Almost no force is required to open it. Should be much harder to open preferably.


The tilting display: this imo sucks a55, there is no lock for the display to keep it locked to the body, instead it relies on the friction in the hinges to keep it in place. Really??? They could have used some kind of latch for this, like the one used for the battery compartment, basically anything would have been better than nothing. And as a bonus now its not so "water resistant" any more.

When I put the camera in my KATA H-12 holster the lower part of the display simply detaches from the body by about 10mm. Way to go. No way around it either.


The viewfinder compared to my d40x (which has a 1,3x magnifying eyepiece and Katzeye optics split image/microprism focusing screen):

Well its a tiny tiny bit larger feeling, and brighter because it has faster optics (a 1.8f tamron 35mm), but in practical use they are equal in size and what you can detect in them.

Except for the katzeye screen being about 7000% or so (give or take) faster and more usable when manually focusing, which is almost impossible with the d750. On the d40x I can prett much focus manually as fast as the AF, on the 750 it takes a long time to determine focus.

But the autofocus is almost instant on the 750 though, and thats good.

The actual eyepiece rubber on the 750 lets in a lot of stray light and is subpar imo. Its also square in shape as opposed to a human eye socket, and it doesn't stick out far enough, not even close.


The camera itself is very large yet the buttons and switches are too small imo (its simply too many of them crammed on there). If you have small size 7 hands buy something else. Something smaller. I have small hands and I can't actually reach the AE-L button with my thumb while holding the very poor trigger down.

Same goes for the joypad, need to shift grip to use it.


Menu diving: Yeah there is a lot of meny diving with this camera. It has so many settings and things to adjust its bizarre. And almost nothing is self explanatory in the menus. RTFM...

Just opening the AF settings gives me a minor stroke. RTFM.

I found out pretty quicky I needed to RTFM to understand anything except the very basics of this camera. Especially anything that was related with the AF system and its settings.

I'm now at page 144 of the manual. Only 350 or so pages to go. Understanding how the AF system works just from fiddling with the camera probably requires a PHD or 2.


Allinall this a good camera, very good image quality, feels quite solid, except for the tilting diplay, pretty much all buttons, the trigger, the on switch, the drive switch, the lock lever, joypad and the SD-card door (which all feel like they came from a 150 dollar IXUS). Other than that its fine.

Quite confusing menus and settings though for someone coming from an entry level camera and not having 2 PHDs in nikonese.

Starting up menus/settings and navigating around in them can sometimes feel sluggish and unresponsive (I'm used to pretty much realtime operation with everything electronic these days, and this is not it), it can sometimes take about 0,5secs to just turn on the display and show something when I press the menu button, I would have expected that this happened faster than I could react. Its 2017 now and its a 2k camera and its not exactly running a bittorent site in there. So.

Also the camera should have a "real" focusing screen as an option from Nikon imo. Now its all 3rd parties.

Is this a good camera for an SLR-beginner? No not very, unless you like reading manuals. There will be a lot of reading..


Nikon D750
24 megapixels • 3.2 screen • Full frame sensor
Announced: Sep 12, 2014
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