Revisiting Diffraction with an Apodized "Iris"

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Re: Revisiting Diffraction with an Apodized "Iris"

Joe Pineapples II wrote:

J A C S wrote:

One measure of sharpness would be ... the JPG file size, which is 298 kB for the sharper image vs. 294 kB for the other. Ironically, JPEG is based on the Fourier transform.


NASA used that very system on one of their rover cameras to judge focus.

In general settings, if image dimensions are different then it may not be easy, or perhaps impossible, to compare just by JPEG file sizes.

A modern method (such as JIDM ) should be agnostic to image dimensions, resolution, variation in lightening, exposure changes, etc. when comparing images for detail. And, it should not wait to produce a file to give one a comparison - it should be able to work directly off data.

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