NX1 won't turn on

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Re: NX1 won't turn on

IKSLIM wrote:

Final Report:

Samsung Service fixed my NX1 for FREE, as a 2 years warranty period is not overpassed in my case. And yeas, it was patched with Vasily's, hack. In docs: Motherboard (mainboard) replaced. It took one week. I’m lucky living in Moscow, so SamsungService does have parts.

In my case it was obvious, my NX1 had some hardware issue, because i saw kind of a “rainbow” on monitor some days before NX1 stopped responding completely. It happened not just immediately, but day-to day growing issue, which i was able to solve by replacing the battery from the body. But finally it was dead..

I’m interested in your opinion: could the hack (bitrate around 180) cause OVERHEATING NX1 mainboard. As far as i remember, one month ago, i had an open-air sunny-day session, and camera been set on tripod, but session was only 10 minutes long. In my opinion, probably, NX1 does not have Overheating protection, because it was not needed with components it has been designed.I appreciate your comments.

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I only go around 120mbps, and I haven't hacked my second NX1.

Overheating in electronics is danger number 1, I can imagine 180mbps to thermally stress the components a lot, of course I can not be sure.

180 in H265 is almost 360mbps in H264, that's a lot of data to be transferred from the sensor to the memory card, especially if the camera ain't built for that, and NX1 is certainly a lean camera, relatively small and light (just compare with the new GH5 which has a much smaller sensor).

I am not sure that a few extra dozens of bitrate worth the thermal and processing stress people put their cameras on.

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