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G80 What lenses to buy

Hi all,

Im new to the photography stuff. I got in to it on my last holiday in Thailand and since then decided to invest in a decent camera. So i got the panasonic g80 with the 14-140MM lens. So far ive been very happy and learning more and more about photography. mainly buy lurking around this website and its forums so cheers !!

Now i am looking to expand my lens kit to have more light sensitive lenses and also wide angle lenses. Im mainly a landscape/ nature photographer as these are the most easy subjects in my area. Im looking to expand my knowledge in nigthscape photography (mainly Milkyway) and portrait photography. Hence my need for other lenses.

Now the part where i need your expertise guys. I cant decide what would be a better first buy for me.

- The panasonic / olympus 12-35/12-40MM 2.8 lens.

I would go for this for the 2.8 Aperture giving me more depth of field and a better F stop for night pictures including the milkyway at 2.8. Reason to buy it : Its range is for the most part already in my 14-140mm lens there for i would not use it very often during the day.

- The Samyang 12MM F2.0 non fisheye

The 12MM is a little wider but at F2.0 its also great for night photography. reasons not to buy it: Not wide enough there for would not use it for much more then night photography.

- The loawa 7.5MM

Extremely wide lens lots of use for landscapes ,street and nightscapes due to the F-stop. reason not to buy: Its only extremely wide and there for its use will be limited

- The olympus 7-14MM 2.8 pro

This seems to be the best fit for my landscape/nigthscape needs as it goes REALLY wide and still holds a great f-stop.  So it combimes the reason of all the above lensen to buy it. Reason not to buy it : Price , its expansive as F*&K

So knowing all the above there is one more thing i would like to put out there. I do not want to walk around carrying a sh*t load of lenses. I would like to keep about 3 lenses maybe 4 but basicly want to limit myself to a UWA lens , All round lens (14-140MM) and a 100/300 MM lens. So whats the advice ppl?:)

Panasonic G85
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