Dirt on back lens element

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Re: Dirt on back lens element

Sounds like he made that up though. There may be others than can confirm it, but I'm pretty sure the coating on the rear surface of the last element is the same as the coating at every other air-glass interface.

There are some skillful photographers who think that the focal length of a lens determines its perspective. Doesn't make them right though.

Henrik 1881 wrote:
Hi paul84043,

Sounds like it's okay to use my "Kodak lens cleaner" plus "Kodak
lens cleaning paper". It's just that I've heard from this guy,
that's a really skilful photographer, that the back lens element it
different from the other lens elements.


paul84043 wrote:

Henrik 1881 wrote:


I have just bought a used lens. I was cleaning the exterior making
it free from a little dirt, just making it look a little bit nicer,
when I unfortunately slipped and made a small fingerprint on the
back lens element that is poisoned closest to the sensor (of film).
I've heard that this lens element I covered with oil and you
shouldn't touch it but now the damage is done. Should I go to a
professional to have it cleaned? Can I clean it myself? Should I
even bother? Do someone know a website about this?

Happy for response.

It's the same coatings as the front of your lense, clean it
yourself carefully with a soft lint free cloth, or lense tissue,
and a diluted alcohol solution. (I just breathe on it...but assume
no responsibility for scratches!!!!)
No biggie...

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