can there be a eclipse challenge announced soon for the upcoming one?

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I beg the floor to second Member Cerich.

Commercial Digital Scan of Film.  Sorry, I didn't take vitals on this project.

Sometimes it's well worth the effort to plan something inspirational; if only to visualize a challenge. The reward is that it just might encourage several others as is turning out the case in the nascent challenge. That challenge will give others the inspiration. And, it's simply good practice.
In my case, in this photo of the "Cerro Pedernal," Abiquiu, NM, I calculated that the location, determined by "Stellarium," and GoogleEarth, would intersect directly south of my residence, but in the higher altitudes of the Jemez Range. To get there would require a fifteen mile jeep trail ride. The wife volunteered the vehicle, I tanked it, and bought the sandwiches.
The experience surrendered many lessons into photography. I won't bore you with the details, but, I will warn you, DO NOT LOOK AT THAT ATTRACTION DIRECTLY. AVERT YOUR EYES AND BLIND AIM IF YOU DON'T HAVE AT LEAST THREE LAYERS OF OVEREXPOSED FILM AS A FILTER.
I got lucky.
Thanks to the lens' refraction, you can plainly see the annular eclipse of 20 May 2012.
That peak, "TziP'ng," to our Tewa relatives, was used by our common ancestors as a guidepost to agricultural practices. Few people here know that twice a year, it casts its shadow on "Good Piñón Mountain," another peak, slightly NE of the Pueblo of Abiquiu. It signals planting and the harvest.

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