Image Overlay Issue with D500

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Image Overlay Issue with D500

So some quick backstory on my situation. Like a lot of people, I want to get some kind of shot involving this mondays Solar Eclipse. I'm in southern california so I won't get a total solar eclipse. Just a partial. I'm not going for a zoomed in shot of the sun, but rather a wide shot with some environment and the eclipse happening in the sky.
Getting a properly exposed shot of the environment AND a shot of the eclipse happening in the sky is rather impossible to do in one shot. You take a shot of the properly exposed environment and the sun is too bright. Change settings to show the eclipse better and the environment is too dark. I DO NOT have photoshop so combining 2 images in post is out of the question (I do my photo editing in Lightroom, by the way. Bought it a couple years ago, so I'm not doing the monthly payment thing Adobe has)
I recently learned about the Image Overlay option in the D500 and I figured I could probably use that to combine 2 shots together for something similar to what I'm going for. Learned about it through a Nikon YouTube video about photographing eclipses and the example shown was pretty much what I'm going for: Properly exposed environment with an eclipse in the background.
So I've been fiddling around with the Image Overlay option in the D500 and things seem to work UNTIL I actually combine 2 photos together. Things look fine when the combined photo is being Previewed but when I confirm the images being put together, I'm ending up with a terrible Pink color around the sun. A pink that was NOT present in the preview.
Here's some examples:

Here's what my setup window looks like. After playing around with different transparency levels, for me I think this worked best.

Here is a preview on the back of my camera of what the combined photos will look like when I confirm my choices. The sun is more detailed due to the picture I took where everything but the sun in visible. No Pink anywhere

Here is the combined result straight from the camera. There is now a visible Pink Glow around the sun, which wasn't there during the preview.

Here's a different set of combined photos using Image Overlay. I don't remember what the exact settings were for these photos but this was the first time I noticed all that pink which, again, was NOT present in the Preview.

So what can be causing this pink color around the Sun? Especially since there is no Pink visible when I preview the combined images before confirming the settings. Any help or suggestions on why this is happening and how to prevent it would be great!

Nikon D500
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