10-Stop ND Filter for Eclipse?

Started Aug 17, 2017 | Questions thread
MechMike Forum Member • Posts: 50
Re: 10-Stop ND Filter for Eclipse?

If by "total", you mean during totality when the moon completely covers the sun, you don't need any filter at all.  If you want to shoot the corona, you might try f5.6, ISO 100 and 1/10 second.  In fact, during totality, you shouldn't use any filter unless you are trying for some special effect.  On the other hand, when the eclipse is not total, you need some filter or you are risking you sensor.  I'm not convinced that a 10-stop ND filter is sufficient.  Normally, one would use something like the Hoya mentioned above or a solar filter from Baader or Thousand Oaks Optical, which block A LOT more light than a 10-stop ND, as well as heat.

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