Intelligent multi-ISO pixel sensors can follow and subdue blown highlights ...

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Intelligent multi-ISO pixel sensors can follow and subdue blown highlights ...

Intelligent multi-ISO pixel sensors can follow and subdue blown highlights ... (my idea)

imagine where today we already have "face recognition" & "subject recognition follow focus" & "action ball tracking" (samsung nx1) & "smile/gesture/eyeblink" recognition, and so on and so forth ...

why not have specular highlight taming (to subdue bright light details) in-camera live .. in realtime !!?

where the camera sensor can follow extreme brightest areas lighting the sensor and we can custom dial in the degree of Negative EV via "Low ISO Eclipsing" ... like a "smart" highlight subduer!!!

no more under exposure of bright contrasty lit scenarios ... no more unreal dark shadow details to recover ... no more too bright sun-disks nor too bright surfaces of not really "white" clouds, or shiny specular reflections on chrome surfaces, nor too bright lights at night (our eyes see all details, but cameras always blow their details), no more "white" sun disks when we know its more yellow orange and red (green flash too) at low golden hour sun angles ... no more too-bright fullmoon at night landscapes ... we can see all its lunar surface features even in ultralong exposures ... on a bright starry blue sky night landscape ... no more unnaturally too bright looking outdoors while indoors look unnaturally too dark

... no more unreal sun-backlit dark silhouettes in daytime when we know subjects are ALSO frontlit by a bright sky ... subdue the sun ... let the sky light the sunshadows like how we SEE ... no fake dark silhouettes ... pls!!!

it follows that bright sun/moon or any annoying flashlight glaring into the lens anywhere in the fov ... and applies a utralow ISO automatically ... like a smart-morphable-ND ... only where it is needed !!!!???

options include harsh boundaries or softer graduated boundaries between over-bright EV zones and midlevel zones

(this is a natural extension of my previous Natural-DR Multi-ISO Per-Pixel Level Sensor)

since, on-sensor processing is here, such as adc, as well as dual-pixel pdaf, why not make pixels-on-sensors even smarter with more smart-processing !?!

detect light intensity ... and intelligently (custom choose degree) subdue the brightest (too bright areas) with appropriate amount of "Low-ISO-Eclipsing" without creating an unnatural grunge look, and eliminating the unnatural "blown-highlights" our eyes never see in reality (a shortcoming of all digital camera image sensors!)

there ...i said it, in a way mfrs can contemplate more easily ...

and photographers can easily embrace ... and abandon the bane of pp to fix images so they look at least like how we see the real lit world ... and then some (like owl vision under moonlight!!! )

i leave it up to Canon and Sony, and others... Google? and Samsung, and others to tackle this ... now they get to patent it ... even though i have been advocating my idea like forever ... and i have no "patent know how" nor "patent clout" to bring it to fruition ... nor benefit from it financially (my bad) ... great ideas ... get taken by those with the know-how ... (=corporations) ... not the individual like me

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