Micro-NIKKOR-P Auto 55mm --> Ai conversion

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Re: Micro-NIKKOR-P Auto 55mm. Focus ring?

Dave Sanders wrote:

Captain Hook wrote:

Dave Sanders wrote:

Yeah, I'm not gonna lie, i love the aesthetics of those lenses, especially with the (slightly impractical) metal focus ring. The new silver nosed Voigtlander 58 is a looker in the old style.

? The focus ring is the broad, black rubber(ized) ring. IMHO not impractical at all...

Or do you mean something else?

Ahhh, yes, sorry, I didn't make it clear. The oldest versions have a knurled metal focus ring. Looks great, very old school, but the broad rubberized one like yours is much more practical.

I really like the looks of the first guy, but think the second, like yours, is the best balance of looks and practicality.

I have never experienced any practical difference between the metal focus ring and the rubberized focus ring. For me it is just different surfaces.

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