The G85 first impressions & what Panny needs

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Re: My solution on dealing with small buttons

alcelc wrote:

Thank you for the insight.

caterpillar wrote:


What I don't like is the noise in the shadows. The noise reduction helps a bit though it gets a bit muddied with no control to the intensity of noise reduction. It's either on or off only. But the properly exposed areas hold up well at ISO 3200, even at 6400. But if one is picky, just don't overshoot ISO 1600.

As M43 has a smaller sensor, I found it would always better to have max exposure otherwise even at base ISO it might come out noisy.


The only thing I don't like about the g85 is the buttons at the back including the menu and the 4-direction buttons. They are too flush or even that I can't make heads or tails what I am touching without looking. The FZ-1000 has clear delineated back buttons. I can differentiate the menu button, display, erase, etc buttons. I may have to put a sticker or something on a couple of buttons at the back to know which is the menu button and the display button.

I sticked rhinestone on certain buttons and it enables me to feel them having my eye remained concentrated on evf.

Some members also used pieces of foam pad around certain buttons to avoid accidental hitting.

Good idea, Albert! Will try to find those or find something like it!

Darn! I love these forum! You get so much help! Thanks a lot!

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