On Why the D850 is Revolutionary

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Re: Some recent revolutionary cameras?

david vella wrote:

nuke12 wrote:

L Copps wrote:

No. You have missed your own point, the iPhone was a revolutionary product. For the first time since the dial phone, physical buttons were completely eliminated and the screen of the device transitioned from conveying data to becoming a completely enveloping user experience.

The iPhone is the largest evolutionary step in the nearly 150 year history of the telephone.

Wrong again.

"The IBM Simon Personal Communicator (simply known as IBM Simon) was a handheld, touchscreen mobile phone and PDA designed and engineered by International Business Machines Corp. (IBM) and assembled under contract by Mitsubishi Electric Corp. BellSouth Cellular Corp. distributed the Simon Personal Communicator in the United States between August 1994 and February 1995, selling 50,000 units. The Simon Personal Communicator was the first cellular phone to include telephone and PDA features in one device."


Years before the 2007 launch date of the first iPhone.

So what , selling 50K units is not a revolution . Where is it today ?

No it was great sales. An excellent sales pitch by a man that could pass his vision on to other people and convince them it was their own.

Steve was excellent at this and I commend him for it.

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