On Why the D850 is Revolutionary

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Re: On Why the D850 is Revolutionary

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I hope you will get one, and that will let you improve your photography. It is really a very legitimate upgrade from the D700. Everything the D500 brought to D300 users, but in an FX implementation

Why, you wonder, did it take Nikon so long to finally offer a full upgrade to the venerable D700 and D300 with the D850 and D500?

It seems both of these cameras could have been produced 4-5 years ago (obviously the D850 wouldn't have been as high a resolution as it is now if it was 4-5 years ago), but a compact FX body that goes fast and has awesome AF. I mean, it basically took 10 years to offer full upgrades to the D700 and D300 in a similar form factor. If you ask me, this was a huge market opportunity that Nikon missed out on to take the incredible lineup of D3, D700, D300 and roar forward with it. Instead, Nikon appears to have missed a large part of decade making cameras that were dumbed down vs. the D700 or D300 (D600, D750 and D7000) in pretty much all ways except megapixels.

So, at least with the D500 and D850, it finally feels like Nikon engineering has roared back in control and they are now trying to make the best camera possible for the buck rather than trying to create all these micro-positioned bodies in their product line that wouldn't accidentally poach any D5 sales, yet were masters of nothing on their own and all were some sort of compromise vs. D300/D700. Finally Nikon.

Now, can you also enter the mirrorless market with the same attitude please and assure your long term survival and stop giving market share away to Sony? Stop worrying about cannibalizing your own products. Just make the best kick-ass product you can and you'll sell a lot of it. Besides, I've always heard that if you don't cannibalize your own product, someone else will (which is what is happening with mirrorless).


I don't see that the D850 is a "true" D700 successor any more than the D800 or D810 were. If that were the case it should have had the same D5 sensor. Since it doesn't anything else is a personal opinion on what constitutes a successor. To me, the D800 was the successor (Nikon changed the direction of the D700 line) and the D810 and D850 are the continuation of that line.

Neither is the D500 a "true" D300 successor. The D300 was pretty much a compact D2X with updated electronics and sensor and the D3's AF. The D700 was pretty much a D3 with some plastic internals and without the integrated battery grip. The D500 is essentially a development of the D7000 line. In the first place, Nikon decided to place the D7000 between the D300 and D90 and used it as the functional replacement for both cameras. Now they have split the line in two, the top model taken upwards in spec a little and the lower model taken downwards. Within the product line they serve the same purposes as the D300 and D90, but they are not closely related to the D300, whilst being a direct descendent of the D90.

From the picture here


I would say that the D850 is a development mechanically of the D4/D5 line rather than the D7000-D600-D750 line (goes with the position of the stop down button, which goes where the aperture mechanism puts it) but it probably has a plastic chassis, even more probably the new monocoque construction, like the D750 and D500, rather than the magnesium construction of the D5. It is simple a development of the D8x0 line, not a reincarnation of the D700.

You are being far too literal and pedantic .

Maybe, but it beats the silliness of endowing cameras with spirituality.

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