any good small standard zooms out there ?

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Re: EF 24-105 f3.5-5.6 STM is good alternative...

Philnw2 wrote:

samtheman2014 wrote:

Given, the flexibility of adapting pretty much any lens to our cameras. What compact standard zoom would you recommend AF is not vital, 28mm start would be ok, I would however like good image quality.

The 24-70mm F/4 would have fit the job but I am not at all enthused by its optical performance { after reading numerous reviews and downloading dozens of RAW samples } for me it is a lens with too many comprises . I already have a large F/2.8 standard zoom , however I would like a smaller lighter option as a walkabout option. So the question is does such a beast exist

I haven't seen this current lens mentioned here yet, haven't purchased it yet myself either, but it has my attention at the moment.

It weighs roughly the same as the Sony 16-35 F4, and is only 4" long, the same length as the FE 16-35, but by the time you add a smart adapter to the EF 24-105, you've got a longer lens.

If you go to the link above and click on the Full frame option, the lens has soft corners at f3.5, f4, f4.5. But at f5.6, the lens is sharp throughout the field and zoom range. On a crop camera, the lens looks pretty sharp throughout its aperture range, but we're not talking crop on the A7x.

As a walk around lens, i think its a decent alternative and its current and inexpensive for one used to Sony prices, generally

i would much prefer a Sony native lens of that range, but have no idea if they are even working on such a lens. The other alternative that looks good to me is buying an a-mount lens with the LAEA4, since most a-mount lenses do not have focus motors on board.

Not a bad idea! Thank you for this tip. These Canon basic zooms are usually quite good.


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