Revisiting Diffraction with an Apodized "Iris"

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Re: Revisiting Diffraction with an Apodized "Iris"

Joofa wrote:

What is now known as the field of physical/fourier optics was invented by Zernike (1930s, necessary contributions to wave theory of light) and Duffieux (1940s, fourier).

The seminal book is L'intégrale de Fourier et ses applications à l'optique.

Both were applied physicists / mathematicians.

Hell, Duffieux even has a wikipedia page that states him as the founder of Fourier Optics on the first line,

How many times have you quoted books by Duffieux vs. Goodman in this forum? Also, stuff such as Zernike polynomials are common mathematical tools used in many areas of EE, not just optics.

Duffieux's book is reasonably rare and printed in french. Why would I quote from it on an english-speaking forum? Goodman's text is also often noted as the seminal work on Fourier optics, because it was written when phase retrieval was first emerging, is clear, and applied in nature. Duffieux's book is pure maths and from the true naissance of fourier optics, which makes it less widely known.

Zernike polynomials were invented for optics, the two papers in which they originate are:

Article (Zernike1934)
Zernike, F.
Beugungstheorie des schneidenver-fahrens und seiner verbesserten form, der phasenkontrastmethode
Physica, 1934 , 1 , 689-704

[[ phasenkontrastmethode = phase contrast microscopy ]]

Article (Zernike1938)
Zernike, F.
The concept of degree of coherence and its application to optical problems
Physica, 1938 , 5 , 785 - 795

EEs industrialized fourier optics, citing Zernike and Duffieux all along the way. They did not invent or "nurture" it.

Quantum optics is an area that was heavily developed by physicists. However, 'fundamental optics' (as practised in Goodman's book, and you know what that means for Fourier Optics) has hardly anything that is not part of standard and basic EE stuff.

What do you refer to by "fundamental optics"? Geo? Physical? Electromagnetic? Quantum?  I would actually prefer you do not reply and stop derailing threads.

Please take your agenda and shove it.


I started a thread to reinvigorate exploration in a topic.  You entered it touting the same old sh!t about how optics is full of idiots and we owe everything we've ever done to EE.

JACS is correct -- we are all piggybacking on mathematics.  Fourier optics did not come from EE, something I have given you a citation for here (Duffieux, Zernike).  Now please leave.

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