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I know, this subject has been done to death/ Just wanted to share my experience of a second outing with the A9.

I am a Canon shooter, have been for years. I do however get to play with a lot of other kit. I also started in the film years with thinks like a Zenit E, Oly OM10 and the like as well as a load of old classic roll film and plate cameras from years gone by. I love photography, have done ever since I saw them magic of my first print appearing in the developer tray.

Moving on through a lot of bodies and even a foray into Nikon world after my kit got nicked I ended up back in Canon land simply for ergonomics of the time.

So onto the last couple of weeks I have been lucky to have an A9 just to play with, coupled with the Sony 100-400.

Now my most used body is a Canon 7DII as I shoot wildlife and sports as my main stuff with quite a bit of windsurfing thrown in. It is all fun and gets me away from the desk most days. So I was very interested to once again see how other brands perform.

In the past I have tried EVF on a number of Sony bodies. The A9 is really a nice toy. To be able to take a burst without blackout is great. However I just cannot use an EVF. First problem is headaches. I am in my mid 40s and have been a gamer in the past, still do like the odd game on the PSVR etc. So I should be used to the effect. Maybe it is because of periods of long concentration, or heavy tracking of a BIF, but it just makes my head hurt after a long time. It is that slight lag, the slight blur that high speed tracking tends to give. For some reason my head just cannot deal with it for extended periods. Maybe time with the camera will be needed for me to overcome the effect. I even had an eye test just to make sure it was not my peepers, but they are still in top notch condition and I do not need glasses.

The second problem, and one that I really did find frustrating was battery life. Sure, it has improved but there is no getting over the fact the high res colour EVF takes its toll. I am sure for many types of shooting it is great, but when you have to sit there for an age waiting for a bird to dive, or tracking them in flight for extended periods it eats up the juice without even firing a shot. I managed a paltry 104 shots yesterday before the battery curled up its toes, simply because between shots there was a lot of waiting for the moment going on. With an OVF I can wait all day without touching the batteries charge. So sadly, they are still not for me. I do mean sadly, as seeing the exposure live through the VF is wonderful.

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Sony a9
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