New head or wait to get a whole new tripod?

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New head or wait to get a whole new tripod?

I own an old Manfrotto 190 with an RC head and a newer but not as sturdy Benro with a not too sturdy head, till now am using this latter one because takes less space when folded and because the head is an Arca Swiss compatible (my cameras use L-Brackets), I realized too late that a 300$ tripod-head combo is still not much more than a toy with regards to reliability and sturdiness but till now it did what it is supposed to.

I wish one day to get a tripod I can rely on for the years to come, ideally an RRS but can't now fork out over a 1K for it so I was thinking to eventually get just a head to start with and some day to get legs, a BH-40 with a screw release to sit on my Benro legs (Model 2691T with a B1head), it would need to stand a FullFrame body with nothing heavier than an 80-200 and/or a wide angle (still to come) with filters stacked on.

Thoughts, suggestions, hints?


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