Alternative x-t20: glasses viewfinder conflict and other considerations

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Alternative x-t20: glasses viewfinder conflict and other considerations

Following the advice of Kelly cook, I repost my original post from the Camera buying advice section in this Fuji section. I just wanted keep my view as open as possible. Being able to choose my own 50th birthday present, doesn't make the choice of picking a new camera easier, except for the budget issue 😉. I will sketch my situation rather extensively to give you a better insight in my situation. The final question is at the end…followed by the remarks already made by Kelly, Ido and Mike in italic font.

I own a Nikon D5000 (with sigma 18-270, nikkor 35 1.8 and 85 3.5), and a Fuji X-M1 (18-55 2.8-4.0 and pancake 23 2.8). Since I own the Fuji, I found more fun in shooting, taking it a lot with me, especially with the tiny 23.

Next month I will try to bring my photography to a next level: I will teach basics of photography to 17 y old high school students and start in my first year of photography in the local art school (I will also start my fourth year in drawing at the same school).

I spend probably too much time reading reviews and comments instead of making photos...but I hope to change that in the future.

On paper the new x-t20 seemed to be a great option because of the following reasons:

- big enough sensor for low light: I’m a fan of street photography and would like to explore it the coming years; taking pictures indoor without flash is less annoying for my family …

- I like controlling and viewing the settings easily

- size weight: I took my Nikon with the long zoom to Sri Lanka last year, great, but way to heavy. For the trip too Austria (Vienna and Alps), I used the X M1 with both lenses. I started with the pancake (but it got stuck a few times – still don’t know why, but I assume the temperature..) and ended up with the 18-55. But I felt even that sometimes a bit heavy.

- it has a (E)VF: I really felt hindered in the sunlight to see the screen of my X-M1. BUT when I checked in my local camera store and compared it with the X-T2, I was really disappointed: my glasses (dioptre -6) prevented me to have a really good view in the VF of the X-T20. In the X-T2 this it wasn’t a problem. Since the eye cap isn’t changeable…I fear, it will be a deal breaker for me. OR is the screen really so much better than on my X-M1 so I can use it in bright (sun)light? I doubt it… but have no experience.

- it has a tilting screen, nice for stealth shooting (street, family…)

- it will probably sufficient for my photography course (I will check anyway)

- it is fast enough for action shots of kids…

- the touch to focus screen

- great lens choice

- fits in my budget

What I like more about the X-T2:

- the viewfinder is much better for using it with my spectacles

- it is so nice to hold it

- it has even more control

- the joystick to focus (seems as good as a touch screen to focus or maybe better?)

What I like less about the X-T2:

- it is bigger and heavier to take it daily with me.

- the body costs EUR 1750 (compared to x-t20: EUR 900); this probably gave me budget for a nice prime or other accessories… and don’t want to push my luck too far😉

MY QUESTION: Is there an alternative for the X-T20 considering that I need a good view finder to go with my glasses? Is MFT an option for street and my art classes? It seems to me, there are very good, affordable and light lenses… I like the X100f (I now it have conversion lenses) and PEN-F too, but wouldn’t that be too limiting for my purposes? I like to learn and use more the light control parameters (ISO, A and S). Fuji camera’s attract me for that reason. (I don’t need retro, but good controls). Putting a good camera in my jack pocket seems very nice.

Remarks from Kelly: "When I tried the X-T20 with my eyeglasses, I had no problem at all. So that issue puzzles me. What I really did not like about the X-T20 is the 49Mb RAW files.

M4/3 is inferior to the X-Trans bodies for low light. But in most other regards M4/3 can keep up. And M4/3 is killer for street photography (thanks to huge lens selection). The Fuji that would really tempt me for the SP game is the X100T."

"No, night photography with M4/3 will not be the least bit more difficult. You will have significantly more noise to deal with in post. That's all.

The X100T is 16Mp instead of 24Mp. So the X100T RAW files will be around 30Mb instead of 49Mb. Of course it you shoot JPG instead of RAW, this is all moot. JPGs are much smaller, even when 24Mp."

"Extra large files are not just a capacity issue. They are also slower to transfer, at all stages. You will likely notice this the most when trying to shoot in burst mode. The 24Mp RAW files for other brands are not quite this big. As an old hand at computer programming my view is that Fuji dropped the ball on this.

I keep all of my files archived on a USB micro drive. While 5% is a pretty reasonable keeper rate, I just don't throw anything away, keeper or otherwise. Buying another micro drive is not that expensive."

From Ido this remark: "How about the X-T1?"

Me: "Isn't it too slow? I read the 20 and 1 are so much faster/better in focusing."

Focusing with the XM1 is much less convenient than with my older D5000.

From Mike: "The diopter goes -4 on both but the magnification is different."

Me: "Minus 4 is not sufficient, however in a few years the lower part of my multifocal glasses will reach this... Tx. For the info. I live in Oost-Vlaanderen in Belgium.

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