any good small standard zooms out there ?

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Re: any good small standard zooms out there ?

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slind wrote:

It is utterly disturbing to me that this seems to be common practice for Sony (especially Zeiss branded) glass.

It is not common practice - most people are perfectly happy with the lens they buy and never post or comment in forums. They are busy taking pictures.

Looking at the huge numbers of negative reports and hundreds of RAW examples the fact that some are easily pleased does not make it a good lens.

If on the other hand you received a "lemon" (can happen with any brand), then you are likely to be all over the forums, amplified by other commentators, some of whom may never owned the lens.

A lot of review sites also seem to have got lemons

The "problem" is exacerbated by Sony's high-resolution sensors which show the slightest deviation from "perfect" when viewed at 100% magnification.

The 24-70mm F/4 is nowhere near perfect at any setting

You got a point - nevertheless NEGATIVE BIAS on internet reviews (not just photography) is a very real thing, as any business owner knows.

Never claimed that the 24-70 is "perfect", just pointing out that we are much more likely to see lens flaws on 42MP camera bodies, than just a few years ago when 10 M was "state of the art".

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